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Plymouth grand voyager SE

Listing Information

Listing Type: For Sale
Category: Autos
Method: Fixed Price
Posted: 10:43 p.m., March 20 2012
Expires: 8:14 a.m., April 16 2012
Lister's Email:
(For questions)
Price: $2980.00


Low milage (101 k). Year 1996. Radiator and front wheels recently substituted. Incredible engine (V6 3.0 liter). Super smooth to drive, 7 seats, 5 of them are easily removable making a lot of space available in the back.

Very enjoyable both for long and short trips. It is in very good shape.

Value according to the kelly blue book $3350.

Drop me an email or call me (609-865-8251) if you want to try it. Only cash.