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Part-time NJ Bonner AmeriCorps

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Posted: 5:14 p.m., Feb. 03 2017
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Part-time NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Service Member Position – Instructional Aide

The Mercer Street Friends’ Adult Education Program in Trenton, NJ, is seeking to fill the part-time NJ Bonner AmeriCorps service member position of instructional aide.

The duties of this position include: assisting with classroom instruction (via one-on-one and small group teaching) in academic areas required for a NJ high school diploma – math, reading, science, social studies, and writing. Responsibilities also include assistance with resume development and employment searches of students, ages 16 and older. Service members must attend mandatory training sessions scheduled by the NJ Bonner AmeriCorps staff.

This position is for 900 hours within a one-year period. The compensation includes a living allowance of $9,000 and an education award (upon successful completion of the term) of $2,887.50. The work schedule is to be determined by the Adult Education Program coordinator.

For more information, contact Gay Egan, Mercer Street Friends Adult Education Program Coordinator, at 609.278.6904 or