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STRAPATS Pedal bin, stainless steel

Listing Information

Listing Type: For Sale
Category: Furniture
Method: Fixed Price
Posted: 11:01 a.m., Feb. 15 2017
Expires: 2:42 p.m., Feb. 18 2017
Lister's Email:
(For questions)
Price: $5.00


Key features
- The bin is easy to move since it has a handle on the back.
- Easy to empty and clean as the inner bucket can be removed.
- You can use this bin anywhere in your home, even in damp areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

IKEA of Sweden

Product dimensions
Diameter: 7 ¾ "
Height: 11 "
Volume: 1 gallon

Diameter: 20 cm
Height: 28 cm
Volume: 4.6 l

Price on Ikea is $12.99. My price is $5.00.

For more info see:

Please contact me. This has to go by February 21.